Important Dates

Abstract Submission Due: 31 March, 201915 April, 2019

Abstract Result Announcement: 7 April, 201922 April, 2019

Note: all date is according to Korean time(GMT+9)

Late-breaking Abstract Submission: ~ 31, May 2019

Terms & Conditions

The submission of an abstract affirms that all authors named in the abstract have agreed to its submission for presentation at the World Congress of Videourology and Advances in Clinical Urology. It is the responsibility of the submitting author to ensure the abstract is in perfect order with no errors in spelling or grammar, as revisions will not be accepted. Abstracts will not be corrected.
Expenses associated with the preparation, submission and presentation of an abstract are the responsibility of the author/presenter.
Submitted abstracts are graded individually by peer reviewers based on scientific merit and originality. Abstracts must be written in English and, if accepted, presented in English.
The World Congress of Videourology Program Committee will determine the format of the presentation. Accepted abstracts are assigned to be presented in a poster or video session.

Preparation of Abstracts

  1. Title: The title should clearly define the topic which indicates the nature of the investigation with no abbreviations.
  2. Authors: List the primary author's full name, followed by the other authors' names.
    (Please maintain consistency in authors' names on multiple abstracts to avoid duplication in the Author Index.)
  3. Presenting Author: In all printed publications, the presenting author will be denoted with an asterisk (*).
  4. Body of Abstract: The abstract should be informative and detailed with four separated paragraphs. a) Introduction and Objective, b) Methods, c) Results and d) Conclusions.
  5. Source of Funding: Grant support must be indicated on the "Source of Funding" page. If there is no support, "None" must be listed.
  6. Conflict of Interest and Disclosure Statement: All authors must disclose conflicts of interest.
  7. Keywords: Authors must select up to three (3) keyword entries from the provided Keyword Index that best describes the subject of the abstract.

Digital Video Submission Guidelines

  1. Content: All digital videos must be recorded in English. The opening of the presentation should begin with the exact title and the authors’ full names. All videos must be accompanied by a written abstract.
  2. Length: The videos may not exceed five (5) minutes in total length.
  3. Format: The World Congress of Videourology video program is now only in digital format.
  4. Quality: Poor sound and picture will be excluded for consideration regardless of the quality of the content.
  5. Accepted Standard: All videos will be finalized into DVD format using the NTSC standard:
    • 720x480 pixels
    • 4:3 pixel aspect ratio
  6. Accepted File Types: Please compress or “zip” all video files when uploading to the site.
    Maximum 350000Kb (350 Mb) File Limit.
    • MP4
    • Raw video files (.avi with little or no spatial compression)
    • .Mov files
  7. Video Return & Presentation: Non-accepted presentations will be destroyed. Submitted videos will be presented onsite. Video submitters are not required to re-upload videos upon acceptance or bring the video file to the meeting.

Best Abstracts Awards

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